Storage Media Packing instructions

Best Practices to safeguard your Hard Drive and other storage media.

If you decide to ship the hard drive and storage media yourself, below are are some helpful tips and best practices to ensure that your consignment is secured during shipment.


1. Delicately remove your hard disk drive from the machine (desktop or laptop).

Once removed from the desktop/laptop it is best to avoid the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) located on the bottom of the drive come into contact with water, the best way is to only hold the hard drive on the assembly (casing) sides.

2. Place the hard drive into an anti-static bag.

If you do not have an anti-static bag, simply wrap the hard drive with aluminum foil and then wrap inside a breathable zip-lock bag to protect drive from electro static discharges. You can apply the same with other storage media such as memory card and USB drive.


3. Protect and insulate the hard drive.

Pack the hard drive with plenty of bubble wrap around all sides enough to ensure about 1 - 2 inches of insulation padding for it to fit snugly inside the box and cannot be moved while in transit. If there is still space in the box, you can fill them up with crumpled paper.

4. Secure inside corrugated box.

To protect and avoid further damage to the hard drive/storage media during shipment it is best to assure the drive is well secured from shifting and moving while inside the box. 

5. Label and seal for shipping.

Seal and write your Service Ticket # on 1 - 2 sides of the box in bold print for quick identification and faster processing. Also please print out and sign on the Service Ticket from your email and attached it inside the box.

*For International shipment (Singapore), please print out the shipping label (PDF file) from the email and attached it together with the courier shipping invoice.

6. Use a dependable courier service company with tracking number.

Use a dependable courier service company capable of providing tracking capability with shipping insurance (optional) such as FedEx, UPS and DHL.